Gaza and the end of days

By Morgan Strong

Padang ekspres news-They have buried many children in Gaza the past two weeks. One, a little girl, was buried a week ago last Tuesday. She was only four. She was a beautiful child, long dark hair and a sweetly innocent face, far too early for such promise as she to die.

She died in a most horrific way. She was huddled in terror when a bomb landed near her, throwing her from her bed. Shrapnel tore viciously into her tiny body.

I know what that feels like. As a Marine rifleman in the Vietnam War, I suffered the same sudden terror, the blinding pain, as white hot metal rips into you. She would have felt, and smelled, the burning of her flesh. She would have seen all the blood and perhaps the bleeding gouges where the flesh was ripped from her body. read more


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