Kanagawa to maintain files on teachers who refuse to stand for 'Kimigayo'

Padang ekspres.net-YOKOHAMA (Kyodo) The Kanagawa prefectural board of education said Tuesday it will continue collecting information on teachers who refuse to stand when the national anthem is sung at school ceremonies.

The decision contradicts the stance of the prefectural panel on personal information protection, which said last month that such a practice goes against a local ordinance prohibiting collecting information on personal beliefs and creeds.

While the decision will likely generate protest from teachers, the board of education said, "Teachers are required to set an example to students as the official educational guidelines seek respect for the national anthem and flag."

The Kanagawa decision, coupled with a recent dismissal of a compensation demand by former Tokyo teachers, may drive nonconformist teachers further into a corner.

Last Thursday, the Tokyo High Court overturned redress awarded to ex-teachers in Tokyo who argued they were refused postretirement re-employment because they had remained seated during the playing of "Kimigayo" at school ceremonies.


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