Panasonic to release 3-D image-capable full high-definition TV

Panasonic to release 3-D image-capable full high-definition TV

Padang —Panasonic Corp said Tuesday it will release on April 23 in Japan what it says is the world’s first full high-definition televisions capable of projecting three-dimensional images. The Viera plasma display panel TVs will come in both 50-inch and 54-inch screen sizes, with the 50-inch Viera expected to retail for around 430,000 yen and the 54-inch one for about 530,000 yen, Panasonic said.

Panasonic limited the cost increase for the new models compared to its existing Viera TVs, which are almost identical grades but without the ability to project 3-D images, to some 70,000 yen.

Panasonic said it is also releasing a variety of Diga Blu-ray disk players capable of recording and playing back 3-D images on April 23.

As consumers may want to buy both Viera and Diga which are 3-D capable, the difference in the combined price of the two for the upcoming models from the existing Viera and Diga without the 3-D ability will be an increase of around 90,000 yen, Panasonic said.

Shiro Nishiguchi, chief of Panasonic’s Digital AVC Marketing division, told a news conference, ‘‘With a resolve to start a sort of 3-D revolution, we have set for the new products prices that consumers would find easy to pay.’‘

Panasonic’s decision to give relatively affordable prices to the new 3-D-capable Viera TVs may influence other consumer electronics makers’ pricing policies for their own upcoming 3-D televisions, industry analysts said.

Panasonic said its engineers have mitigated undesirable ‘‘double image’’ effects—in which the images of objects on a screen overlap due to residual-image effects often induced by the 3-D technology—by using its proprietary technology for controlling light emissions.

The global television industry perceives this year as the first year when 3-D-capable TVs start filtering down into households worldwide, the analysts say.

Research agency DisplaySearch says the global market for 3-D televisions is expected to balloon to more than 15 million units in 2013 from 1.2 million units projected for 2010.

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