Clear the Way Towards Object Object Solsel

Padang ekspres net-Solsel tourism potential was unique and different. But to get people interested in coming, just not enough with its object. Development of tourism sector, must be supported by current means of transportation. To and from South Solok.

Therefore, it is unlikely visitors will be interested to come, when road access is still difficult and uncomfortable. For example, the access of the Regency Dharmasraya to Solsel. Road facilities that support, of course a consideration Dharmasraya society decides to come or not to Solsel. Vice Chairman of the Legislative Solsel Abdul Rahman.

"Neither access road from neighboring provinces. For example, Bungo District, Jambi Province. When the access road is adequate Solsel-Bungo, traffic is automatically communities from the region quite likely. In the end, the economic sector Solsel more excited," he said.

Against this, local community support is essential. As the host or as guest penanti. So that guests feel comfortable and at ease, as the host must create an atmosphere conducive. Pro-active, maintain their beauty. Signs indicating the location of a tourist attraction, is also important diperhatikkan. This is to provide convenience for visitors. So that they no longer confused, looking for tourist sites


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