The couple caught two in the Tea Garden Mesum

Padang ekspres net-Again the Police Civil Service Unit (Sat Pol PP) South Solok district, to capture the couple who allegedly was illegally obscene. This time its location on the tea plantation area of PT Mitra Kerinci, Sungailambai Sangir. Couples who caught it, "ZI"??, 23, the resident district with his girlfriend Sangir "DP"??, 19 Pauhduo one resident.

Head unit Erwin PP Pol Maxtono revealed during questioning, two young couples were admitted to the three-year relationship. "ZI"? a man who only graduated from elementary school (SD), while the "DP"? is one high school student in South Solok country, which has just passed the National Examination (UN).

"When we asked further, both claiming this is their first time sexual intercourse. And they admit that they do so with a sense of love," called visible.

Ambush against the couple, conducted at around 17:00 GMT, Thursday (13/05/2010). The scenario, which is PP Satpol personnel assigned to secure the site, it has mengintainya beforehand. After ensuring that they are doing things that are not obscene, two grandchildren Adam was captured, taken to the headquarters Satpol PP, in Lubukgadang Sangir.

"Locations around the tea plantation was already signed coveted Pol PP. We will continue to monitor, point the chance occurrence of disobedience. Among others in Pinangawan, Pauhduo and Asmara in Sangir island," said Erwin.

Over the last three months, Satpol PP noted, has held at least four couples marriage illegal. They tripped over a similar case, found the act of intercourse. The incident two days ago, is the fifth time. No doubt, now in the hands of Pol PP mate.


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