Deadline DPRD Padang Until end of May

Padang ekspres net-City Government (Local Government) requested Padang soon submit a draft memorandum of calculation of realized APBD. Handing over the draft because without it, discussions on the Draft Budget Expenditure Change (budget) could be done. Pemko later than the end of May has had to submit a draft.

This was conveyed by the Chairman of the DPRD Padang Zulherman, Saturday (17/05/2010). "It should be in May of this design has come in here. In June we hope to have future discussions are done on the budget bill calculation. After that we discussed a new draft document followed by the submission of the Budget While the Priority Ceiling (PPAS) and Public Policy Budget (KUA) . The sooner pemko submit two draft was then setting APBDP also getting better, "he said.

In accordance with the mechanisms that existed prior to the determination APBDP, Pemko first submit a draft document and KUA PPAS. After the discussion and there was an agreement on financial priorities pemko return filed before the book Draft Expenditure Budget Amendment. (APBD). Having discussed and defined a new diparipurnakan APBDP figures approved the executive and legislative branches.

"That's the mechanism in setting the budget. In addition to this mechanism there are two other mechanisms in setting the budget before the draft document and KUA PPAS submitted to parliament. There is nota previously calculated budget year and the information memorandum Accountability regional heads to consider and discuss together," he explained

Moment APBDP, in truth made after determination of the calculation (actual) budget the previous year and note the report a description of accountability (LKPj) regional head to the local parliament. In APBDP 2010, after determining the calculation of the area designated APBDP 2009.

LKPj 2009 and delivery of the Regional Head to the local parliament. This order is important because there are linkages between APBDP Budgets 2009 and 2010. APBDP 2010 compiled by paying attention to the condition of remaining excess budget calculations (Silpa) budget in 2009.

"Silpa is usually derived from the program funds that is not absorbed or the efficiency of the program the previous year. Clearly APBDP standard rules in the preparation of this," he explained.


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