Economy Increases 2.16 Percent of North Sumatra

Padang ekspres net-Economic growth in North Sumatra in the first quarter of 2010 increased by 2.16 percent compared with fourth quarter 2009. That is reflected in the increase in gross regional domestic product at constant prices in 2000. The increase occurred in almost all sectors, except mining and quarrying sector, building sector and service sector.

"The biggest improvement was the agricultural sector, namely 6.68 per cent," said Head of the Central Statistics Agency of North Sumatera Province Alimuddin Sidabalok in his office, Monday (10 / 5).

Alimuddin explained, in the first quarter 2010, GDP at current prices Sumut reached Rp 64.79 trillion. Economic sectors that contribute most is the agricultural sector, ie 15.29 per cent. The construction sector accounted for the smallest gross added value, namely 3.95 percent.

Constant prices in 2000, first quarter 2010 GDP grew 6.04 percent compared with first quarter 2009 GDP.

When viewed at constant prices in 2000, first quarter 2010 GDP Sumut reached Rp 29.19 trillion. Achieved the highest growth in the financial sector, leasing, and business services sector which reached 9.30 percent. Followed by transport and communications sector, 6.96 percent; trade, hotels, and restaurants 6.59 percent; the electricity sector, gas and water supply 6.52 percent, 6.24 percent and the building sector. Four other sectors, namely agriculture, manufacturing, mining and other sectors, grown under six percent.

Based on usage, North Sumatra first quarter 2010 GDP and imports of goods and services component achieved the highest growth, which is 11.16 percent. That's when compared with the first quarter in 2009.

When judging again, household consumption using GDP suck the most, namely 60.62 percent. "The pattern is always the case because most of moving there in the household," said Alimuddin.

The components of government consumption to reach 10.3 percent. According Alimuddin, it is high because at the beginning of the year is usually the project funds have recently been approved so easily liquefied.


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