Executives LKAAM Backward

Padang ekspres.net-Because assessed no more than an organization formed shingle and since there was no management of the decree was published, the committee LKAAM 2010-2015 Solok City, crowded crowded resigned.

LKAAM the committee also felt embarrassed because so far the City Administration has budgeted funds in Solok Solok City Budgets babgi LKAAM in form of funds plus Muspida.

"Meanwhile, activity in the field almost nonexistent. That is, they only receive a salary from the money people are blind," said Chairman of the Settlement Division Sako jo Pusako LKAAM 2010-2015 City of Solok, Ali Tan yanuardi Dt.

He said the entire board LKAAM Solok other since the election committee chairman and Kota Solok LKAAM 2010-2015 until today have never received a decree issued LKAAM management of Sumatra.

"In fact, this decree has reportedly conveyed to LKAAM LKAAM Solok West Sumatra. The decree should have been received as a board LKAAM Solok City. What we have to move while there is no formal legality," he explained.

In the absence of the decree, continued Dt Tan Ali, automatic not much can be done. Worse, the organization did not exist tuntutunan activity programs should be implemented.

Inevitably, he said, the organization LKAAM Solok no more only an organization's nameplate. For availability of any office, LKAAM Solok City does not have its own office, but joined with the City of Solok KAN office located behind the mosque Lubuk Sikarah.

"Also, do not have the tools and equipment needed work facilities. So if they want to do everything had to be done at home, "he said.

Although there is no activity at all, but there LKAAM Solok City received funding that was budgeted plus Muspida Solok City Budgets. According to him, this condition is no different than LKAAM Solok City only receives salary totally blind with no activity.

"On the basis of these facts, we all board LKAAM Solok 2010-2015 including Mirwan Dt Ganjie mengudurkan themselves from management. I happen to be a candidate Wawako Solok, I just would have been better concentration and focus to the local election in June, "mentioned the figure who is also chairman of Solok City KAN.

As a follow-up of self penguduran statement, Dt Tan Ali added that he along with the entire board LKAAM Solok City has made regarding the letter addressed to the Chairman LKAAM in Padang West Sumatra.

The letter was copied to Wako Solok, Solok City Legislative Chairman, Chief LKAAM Solok City, a District and Lubuk Sikarah Cape of Good Hope, as well as sideline Pangulu Datuak Nan Nan Duo Baleh


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