Export Demand Increases, Price Gambir Recovery

Padang ekspres net-Painan - Increased export demand for commodities in recent gambier a positive impact on commodity prices. Price gambier gum dry in the South Coastal District showed an increase up to Rp2 observed from the previous thousand thousand to Rp30 Rp28 thousand per kg.

"Because of increased export demand, prices this week rose dry gambier Rp2 thousands of Rp28 thousand to Rp30 thousand per kg," said Sumardi, gambier farmers in Siguntur Tarusan Koto XI, Tuesday (11 / 5).

However, the rising price of gambier dried sap is not followed by the sale of dried leaves from farmers to millers. Even the selling price of dried leaves showed a decrease of Rp100 / kg.

"For sale leaves, just down from the previous Rp100 Rp1.900 processor now holds only Rp1.800 price," continued Sumardi.

At South Coast today there is one processing plant gambier leaves the basic material needs are supplied from the crop farmers who did not cultivate their own gambier gum, located in Koto XI barung barung Belantai Tarusan.

Meanwhile in the village also has a processing plant sap dry gambier into flour before export.

Department of Forestry and Estates South Coastal District recorded the vast potential of gambier plantations in this region reached 6900 hectares having been utilized as an area of 6013 hectares. as many as 3736 families in the South Coast is currently listed as a farmer gambier farmers, mostly in the District of Silk (2127 families) followed Tarusan Koto XI (1433 families)


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