Fisherman's Village which Awash Already diarrhea Normal

Padang ekspres net-PADANG-Quarter diarrhea fishermen in the Western District of Padang Padang rain had caused floods that have occurred since Friday, (14/05).

A number of people living in the RT 03 RW 06, diarrhea Western District of Padang of West Sumatra city of Padang after the previous cleaning their homes of their homes flooded as high as ten to twenty centimeters.

One of the residents named Syamsuar said, the township is always flooded every rainy comes with high intensity.

"Residents who live in these 06 RT 03 RW always wary when the rain comes, fearing stagnant water," said Syamsuar to, Saturday, (5.15).

The township is always flooded every rain comes, not only that region is low, also more to the waterways that cross is never cleaned houses.

Syamsuar say, the last time it was cleaned and the water channel dredged in 2007 and then, so mud piling plus waste dumped.

Residents who live in RT 03 RW 06 asked the city government to clean up the garbage and mengoruk drainage, so water can groove smoothly.

Syamsuar further said that the houses under water in the fishing village it happened since kamaren, due to the rain which flushed Padang.


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