Marlis Rahman: Still Lack Sumbar Pharmacist

Padang ekspres net-Bukittinggi-Pharmacist is a person who is responsible for the dispensaries. Thus, should a pharmacist truly optimal role in giving guidance or direction to the patient on the use of drugs.

Important role of a pharmacist, should be paid serious attention to the IAI (Indonesian Pharmacist Association).

"In the use of drugs, patients should be provided guidance and direction by a pharmacist. For that pharmacists should play an important role in this field so that the drugs given can be used appropriately," said Marlis Rahman, Governor of West Sumatra, at the Regional Konferasi (Konferda) IAI Bung Hatta Palace, Bukittinggi City, Saturday (22 / 5).

Marlis said, development in the areas of health, basically aimed at enhancing the awareness, willingness and ability of healthy life for everyone. Thus, it is expected to manifest optimal health status. Moreover, health status is an element of prosperity and in accordance with what is mandated by Republic Act 1945.

Candidate for Governor of West Sumatra 2010-2015 period, the present provincial government has increased the facilities and infrastructure of public health services as well as an increasing number of Human Resources (HR) of his.

"West Sumatra Province has 61 hospitals, including 21 owned, 36 private and 247 units consisting of 87 health centers and health care units.

Disegi human resources, especially at the pharmacist, added Marlis, the health ministry, the government still numbered 137 men, while the needs for the year 2010 should be as many as 445 people.

"With the shortage of pharmacist's pharmacy services provided to communities in order to award a safe drug, is still not optimal," he said.

Marlis also hope, the future of all health center pharmacists have the energy, following the current community health center has an option to obtain health services.

"Rate PHC visit, in 2009 and has already reached 1.9 percent," he added.

Developments in science / technology specialist health pharmacy, said Marlis, provided for in Regulation No.51/2009. In the PP's stated, that one purpose of the work of pharmacy to provide protection to the patients and the public in obtaining pharmaceuticals.

The event was attended by Chairman of the Council of Ethics of Pharmacists, General Chairman of IAI Centre, Pharmacist Ethics Advisory Panel of the Central, and West Sumatra branch of IAI chairman and a number of other invitations


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