Raja Ampat, metamorphosis "Indonesia Miniature"


Padang Ekspres net-Never admit a true connoisseur underwater until they've been to Raja Ampat. Enchantment of natural and cultural diversity in Papua's Bird's Head area not only reflects the metamorphosis of "Indonesia mini", but also reinforces its position as the world's coral triangle center-pivot Philippines, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste and Australia.

Messages that appear in the Raja Ampat Marine Festival, the Beach Waisai Beloved, Raja Ampat, West Papua Province, May 3 to 5

Using the momentum of the 7th anniversary of Raja Ampat, local government presents its contents as well as the charm of sea and 610 small islands in the mainland of Papua bird's head. As a "crown", Raja Ampat enchant "the world with matchless natural beauty.

Traditional leaders Mner Wawarbomi, Enos Rumbarar, explains, the origin of the Raja Ampat embedded in local folklore. At one time, in the Gulf of Kabui have a husband and wife went to the woods in search of food. On arriving at the River Waikeo, the cultivators were found six dragon eggs. Eggs are placed in noken (women's bag of woven roots) and one night they found five of which have been hatched eggs. From everything came out fine baby clothes. The eggs hatch into four men and a woman. Through fine clothes, was a descendant of the king's fifth known. Four boys were given the name of War (became King in smalldam), Bethany (as king in Salawati), Dohar (a prince or Lilinta Batanta), and Mohamad (a prince or Waigama Misool), and a young woman named Pintolee.


The wealth of nature, and traditions of the Raja Ampat Indonesia deserve to be called a mini because of natural diversity, pluralism, religion and belief, and the tribe has. Region consisting of four large islands or Raja Ampat exactly is the region smalldam, Batanta, Salawati, and Misool. This habitus berkolaborasinya indigenous Mayas, Wauyai, Matbat, Ambelwaren, Laganyan, Sham, Tepin Renkri, Fyawat, Kawe, Batanta, and Matlau tribe, with tribal migrants Numfor Biak, Papua and Seram, Halmahera, Ternate, Maluku Tidore.

Biak cultural traditions and customs-Numfor very visible influence on the Raja Ampat archipelago middle. The Muslim tradition embedded in society Misool Island.

One of the evidence drawn in thick Biak cultural dances belong to citizens of wor North Salawati. At the time of their ancestors, with dances and rituals that they decided to go to war or not, with hints of Mansren Nanggi or Lord of the Worlds. As for the Muslim culture that was brought from the Moluccas South Misool community demonstrated through sagubi culinary treats. This menu is usually to break their fast.

With a cavalcade of culinary arts and exhibits typical Raja Ampat, the festival begins. On the second day and third-place contest beach sports: beach volleyball, kayaking, and dragon boat, and a number of communal competition.

A group of people who joined in Bombedar Art Group, for example, dances that tell the process pickaxe bariam fast processing sago. Participants also perform with guests from Jayapura isosolo dance. So, citizens of the combined bond Madura Sunda Javanese (Ikaswara) also helped brighten the reog from East Java. However, most participants showing a typical Indonesian art of flute drum East.

Surya Yuga, the expert staff member of Culture and Tourism Ministry, assessing Festival 2010 Raja Ampat is the evolution of local traditions into an attraction. The Head of Culture and Tourism Raja Ampat Yusdi Lamatenggo festival promises to enhance this great cost-USD 2.5 billion by 3000's of visitors who attended-at a similar event next year.

Environmental sustainability

Raja Ampat regent Marcus Wanma added, in the middle of the process of commodification of traditions that he saw the citizens still preserve local wisdom to maintain the sustainability of nature.

He pointed to cultural open / close sasi-limit fish catches at sea on coastal communities. When the lid Sasi, tribal or sekerabat residents in the village have agreed not to take fish, bia / shellfish, sea cucumbers, or whatever biota in an aquatic area during a specific time period.

To reach the area of Raja Ampat, now it is relatively easy. Because, every day, at 14.00, available fast boat (Marina Express) and ferry passengers from Sorong to Waisai, capital of the Raja Ampat Islands with travel time of 2.5 hours. While air travel from Jakarta to Sorong can be reached by plane Express Air, Batavia Air, Lion Air or Merpati for about five hours. As for the ship Pelni, distance from Jakarta to Sorong can be reached within three days.

According to the NGO Conservation International Indonesia, the waters of Raja Ampat is a shelter cluster of coral reefs in Indonesia.

For divers, this is where manta-ray-sized fish for more than two meters wide can be seen from up close. Also a four-meter long whale mammals. The enchantment that attract tourists from America, Europe, and Asia.


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