Target Kill RI-1, Ideals Establish the Islamic State

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Padang ekspres net-National Police Chief Gen Bambang Hendarso Danuri said the Indonesian terrorist group has experienced rapid development and financing of a pattern of attacks.

Terrorists, he calls, designing an attack aimed at a row of state officials including the President of Indonesia on August independence day celebrations, and plans to establish the Islamic State of Indonesia.

BHD According to the plan, it is open from the recognition that terrorist suspects captured live from Aceh to the last was ambushed in central Java. Aceh will be the basis of the struggle, and the Indonesian Islamic Daulah dream into Southeast Asia.

Observers of intelligence and terrorism, Wawan Purwanto said, terrorist forces have made progress since the group affiliated with the Islamic State of Indonesia, which existed since the days of the Sukarno government under the leadership Kartosuwiryo.

"Now affiliated with the NII, automatic Kartosuwiryo long from the time and until now continues to move and the goal of establishing an Islamic state there," he explained, Saturday (15/05/2010).

Terrorist groups, still according to Henry, continued to try to attract support anywhere in this country, especially to areas of conflict. "Especially now connected with Al-Qaeda is increasingly becoming so," he added.

Why does Indonesia become a tempting target database development, in his view, has a simple answer, that is because Indonesia has the largest Muslim community in the world. And the group radilkal think they can operate properly with such community support


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