40 Percent of primary school diploma in three fruit on Fire

Padang ekspres. net-New Room Due to a fire Saturday (05/06/2010) in SD 03 fruit, Kildare made a diploma and about half of the school involved with the school building burned. But this does not make a semester exam is constrained, because the school can copy back to the matter of printing graphics.

As a result of these fires was estimated to reach 500 million loss. Fortunately no fatalities caused by red sijago this. Four charred room, including the assembly room of teachers, headmasters room, library and data storage space. To this day still cross the police line at the school fence. Elementary Principal 03 fruit Fauziah Abbas said, suspected cause of the fire was electrical short circuit. Because of the burning room had no potential to become a source of fire. "Thank God no fatalities from
event. All students have gone home during the incident. We just could not menyelamatka important files that are owned, "he said.

He mentioned the important documents were burned school diploma, about semester exams and student numbers of books. Besides the fire also burned as many as seven computers and two laptop units, Mobiler schools and teaching aids other schools. It is estimated that total losses from fire school reached USD 450 to Rp500 million. "It is estimated that the total material loss. But non-material losses far greater numbers.

Our students' difficulties in collecting data for the principal ledger students also burned. At least 40 percent of the 247 diploma go on fire, "he said. Fauziah said currently the most urgent needs immediately to be prepared is the computer. The tool is very useful to establish or collect student data. The school will ask for a document file that has been reported to the Department of Education. "Only that step can we take to get it back. The poor can not be rejected lucky unattainable. When in fact every document that we were double as many as three copies. The third, however the document storage area on fire, "he said.

He said again, semester exam students have to be copied back burning. Students who take exams of the semester amounted to 900 persons. "When the fire happened we immediately contacted the Department of Education to spread the semester exam go on fire. Praise the course of the exam before the test begins we have received. So the semester exams can run well, "he said.

Commission Chairman IV Azwar Siry who visited Monday (07/06/2010) says, the government must quickly fix the burning school buildings. The reason is the burning building is a vital building which should be available at a school. Pemko can use the unexpected funds to rebuild the burned room. "Do not be too long allowed these conditions. Obviously this will affect school performance and ultimately will hurt students too. We both know that this school briefly
longer be considered the central team for the International Standard School nomination. So should be promptly repaired, "he said.

Secretary of Commission IV DPRD Padang Ardi also mention Pun, the government must immediately improve the burning school buildings. "It must be quickly repaired. Obviously this condition is not comfortable. Unexpected funds we're there for USD 1 billion, so just use those funds to fix it, "he said.


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