500 Transmigrant Solsel Receive Certificates

Padang ekspres.net-at least 500 citizens of transmigrants in Dusuntangah, Sangirbatanghari District, received land certificates. Legality is reserved for yard area covering half a hectare. In addition to obtaining land allotment, the majority of transmigrants who come from Central Java, also received a Land Enterprises (LU) area of 1.5 ha.

The certificate was handed symbolically by Regent South Solok, Syafrizal J to 10 civilians, during a visit to Dusuntangah, Friday (11 / 6) then. Some time after delivery of the certificate, Solsel regents held a dialogue with local communities. From the outpouring (Curhat) citizens of transmigrants, revealed that up to now there is no clarity about the location of N 2. In addition, several LU which became their ration, instead worked on other people.

The narrative of one resident, they actually apply for a certificate of land since 2007. However, the barriers are, a lot of land that is snatched by a number of elements. Thus, residents could move slightly transmigrants when land is taken.

Against this, the Regent has been instructed that the local district to immediately draft a letter of Transmigration. "Citizens are entitled transmigranlah working on the land. I ask that the land is handed back to them," said the regent.


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