Prohibited School Pick Money Jetty

Padang Education Agency confirms New Educate Participants Admission Fee (IPPDB) elementary, middle, and high school are not allowed to be asked when the new Educate Participants Acceptance (PPDB) took place. IPPDB must first be discussed and determined the amount through the School Committee meeting (Komsek) together with parents. IPPDB new determination of the size can be done after a month of teaching and learning activities at the new school year begins.
I affirm, tuition for new students is not collected at the time of registration.

Head of Education Office of DKI Jakarta, Taufik Yudi Mulyanto, said IPPDB is part of the responsibility and borne jointly between the school and parents. "As parents become part of the school. Vice versa, the schools desperately need parents. So both are parts that can not be separated, "said Taufik Yudi in Jakarta, Monday (07/06/2010).

He continued, the school needs as stated in the Plan Budget of the School (School Budget) must be discussed by the two parties, namely between the parents with the school. That, too, should be discussed after school activity runs for one month at the new school year. "I affirm, tuition for new students is not collected at the time of registration, but a month after kegaitan learning to walk. That is, the new contributions could begin in August next determined, "said Taufik Yudi.

In August, the school and parents can discuss with Komsek IPPDB along with the amount of monthly dues that will be mutually agreed. According to him, Disdik DKI Jakarta gives freedom to the schools based on school-based management autonomy to determine school programs. However, the program still must be accountable and transparent in accordance with the guidelines of rules that became standard in determining the contribution of new students.

"In order not to disadvantage students and parents, Education Department continue to monitor the national educational standards that apply in every school. Views based on the curriculum, teacher quality coaching, education personnel, and management education, and graduation standards, "he explained.


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