88 Thousand People SNMPTN Passed

Padang ekspres net-A total of 88 401 candidates who passed the National Entrance Selection of State University (SNM PTN). They received at 57 universities (PTN) in Indonesia based on the results of graduation announcements SNMPTN today, Saturday (17 / 7).
Based on data from participants values above average. For the average WTP value is 69.51, 66.56 IPS. The courses that a high average standard IPA is a group of medical training, chemical engineering, pharmaceutical, industrial engineering, electrical engineering, and technology industries. While the IPS group is international relations, accounts ment, communication, psychology, management, state administration, and economics.
Overall total SNMPTN participants who take the test which took place 16-17 June 2010 was 367 909 89 355 participants who fight over a chair. However revealed only 88 401 passed the selection so that as many as 954 seats are still unfilled. Description was disampikan Chairman Herry SNMPTN Suhardiyanto when giving a press conference at the Ministry of National education Pen (Kemdiknas), Jakarta, Thursday (15 / 7).
National Selection Sign graduation announcements State University (SNMPTN) can be accessed at the official site SNMPTN: www. SNMPTN.ac.id.
The announcement also appeared in six other sites that have been appointed committee of which SNMPTN Directorate of Higher Education Website, Http: / / www.dikti.org.id, the website of the University of Indonesia, http://snmptn.ui.ac.id, Institute of Agriculture website Bogor, http://www.ipb.ac.id, Bandung Institute of Technology website, http://www.itb.ac.id, Diponegoro University website, and website http://www.undip.ac.id Institute Website of Technology, http://www.its.ac.id.
In various print media too, the result of this graduation announcement has also been published to facilitate prospective students seeking information. The Daily Singgalang can be seen in the courtyard
In this SNMPTN as many as 57 affiliated state university in Indonesia to conduct simultaneous selection. Candidates whose names and codes contained in this course was based on letters penguman SMPTN committee decisions, must re-register to PTN respectively with the first match scheduled for registration in each state university official site.
Register to become a student of State University shall be accompanied by administrative requirements in accordance with the procedures specified by each of the PTN. Septri
Rector of Andalas University, Musliar Kasim, said that other than through national and local print media, participants can check directly through the website
Musliar continued, the second way, participants can directly access the local committee SNMPTN website. However, the data available in the local committee website only for participants who take and take exams at the local pantia region.
While the third way, participants can check directly to the university site selection of participants. How participants are asked to enter the test number SNMPTN. From there later would be seen whether he passed or not in the university study program.
For that Musliar Participants recalled the importance of identity cards. Card contains important information for participants includes exam numbers. For those who pass, the card will also be a file registration requirements.
Musliar added for students who graduate but missing participants must sign the card immediately administered to the help desk of each local committee. Services help desk is opened from 17 to 21 July 2010, except Sunday starting at 9:00 to 15:00 pm.
"To help desks in other cities can be seen in www.snmptn.ac.id, ok semalat hopefully awaiting the results according to plan and do not forget a lot of praying that the name listed as an announcement tomorrow," lid Musliar.
Musliar which is currently located in Jakarta also explains the implementation SNMPTN year is expected to put students in large numbers. Of 447 201 participants of the National Selection Sign in Higher Education Affairs (SNMPTN) in 2010, only 88 401 participants who have passed.
"Based on rough calculations, the data showed that 80.23 percent of participants did not pass the exam SNMPTN. Whereas only 19.76 percent passed, "explained Musliar.
Musliar menapik not know about the existence of capacity in the 57 public colleges and universities (PTN) across Indonesia which amounts to 89 355 seats.
"This means there are 954 empty seats," he explained.
Musliar continue, one of the causes of empty seats in the PTN is due to deposition on the choice of study program (Prodi) specific. Nevertheless, Musliar guarantee there will be no practice of buying and selling empty seats.
"The authority to fill the vacant seat was handed to the rector of each PTN. Therefore, in some of PTN are still there who conducts an independent examination, "explained Musliar


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