At loose maize corn Pessel Back Stronger

Padang ekspres net-After a down 500 on the previous week, corn prices rebound to the level of loose maize in South Coastal District Rp3000 on sale this weekend. Harvest is one reason the price rocking.

Monitoring Officers prices on Food Security Office of South Coastal District, Izhar mention of monitoring the number of traders obtained data on the occurrence of such loose maize corn prices decline.

"From our observations to a number of market traders revealed that the decline in corn prices loose maize in the week to yesterday," said Izhar.

Yet according to the commodity trading situation still seemed normal with no spikes or decreasing.

Corn is a commodity second seed in the South Coastal District in the agricultural sector of food crops after rice. Currently planted corn acreage in the South Coastal area reaches 10 250 hectares of raw land area of 7300 hectares with total production based on data from the Food Crops and Horticulture in 2009 reached 72 916 tonnes


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