Nurul Iman and Taqwa Mosque's True

Padang ekspres net-Qibla Direction Nurul Iman and Taqwa Masjid Muhammadiyah to the central city of Padang, is correct. The position of this second mosque, was ditera period to period. Administrators can mimic the mosque or mushalla Qiblah direction in these two mosques.
Expert Falaq of Muhammadiyah, told Singgalang Bakhtiar said last night, to measure the precise direction of a direction that was very good use of science that is Falaq.
"By default the Qiblah direction for the city of Padang were 0.57 south latitude and 100.21 east longitude," Bakhtiar said that lecturers were IAIN Imam Bonjol.
Position with these standards apply to seputaran Raya Padang market. If in an area some distance from the city of Padang, there is little difference. However, it is not too far shift.
The existence of the opinion that said direction toward the northwest direction, that is fine. Therefore, Indonesia's geographical location is different from one region to another. As Qiblah direction leads to the Grand Mosque, is not a problem.
Bakhtiar said Muhammadiyah, has changed the direction of qibla from the former up to the direction of the fitting facing the Haram (Kaaba). Even has done a variety of science Falaq penetilian apply for the position of the direction of Qibla. The existence of an appeal from the MUI in order to board the mosque and mushalla checking (tera re) direction of Qibla, it is correct.
Actually, every year the Muhammadiyah have issued a plea to the public to check the re-direction of Qibla memalui circulated calendar.
"Every year we would like to, because it has become a liability of Muhammadiyah," he said.
Pascagempa ago, he's actually been delivered to the public so that the direction of Qibla ditera again. "The emergency response was the right time to improve the direction of Qibla. Because there are a number of mosques or musala damaged, but many are just ignorant, "he said
He added, Muhammadiyah has Falaq scientist to measure the direction of Qibla. The experts were each deployed to help the community to determine direction of Qibla.
During this society only determine the direction of Qibla's see where the sun rises or sets. It should not. With science Falaq, Qibla direction right, can be determined. The movement of the sun, not the right tool to find arahg direction, except at certain moments.
Singgalang As reported yesterday, the central MUI declared the correct direction of Qibla is not the West, but the Northwest. Also yesterday, Chairman of the Standing Committee Falakiyah NU (LFNU) KH Ghazali asserted Masruri, Muslims pray towards mecca Indonesia is Northwest, not the West as long as it is understood layman audience.
"Qibla is not in the West, but in the West Sea. From straight West direction shifted slightly to the North roughly between 20-25 degrees, "said Kiai Ghazali in a seminar titled Controversy Qibla Direction
However, he said, to align the direction of Qibla is not to be done dismantling the mosque or the mosque, a contingent or ranks are being moved.
"Managers simply shift the direction of mosques and prayer mats only, the rows of prayer. This is not necessarily proportional to the wall, if that wall is not straight direction, "he said in Between
According to Ghazali, Friday (16 / 7) yesterday is a good time to straighten the direction of Qibla. LFNU reckoning data based, at 16:26 pm the sun will be directly above the Kaaba. This will assist in straightening the Muslim Qiblah direction in a simple way, because when the sun directly above the Kaaba everything that stands shadow toward the Qiblah.
LFNU himself appealed to the staff of the whole of Indonesia to pioneer the movement Cares Rosydul qibla (GPRQ), streamlining the movement direction of Qibla, as was done in May


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