Oil prices slide back

Padang ekspres.net-Not just the quality of exports such as cocoa and areca seed decreased, the price of palm oil was the same. Oil prices at farm level will return a significant decrease until a few days ahead.

Reportedly, since five days ago until a few days ahead oil price at farm level is only Rp500 perkilo to medium-quality oil. Whereas previously the price for medium quality was reached Rp850 perkilonya. Meanwhile, oil price for super quality differs only Rp100 amount of medium quality.

Like Iis recognized, one of the oil palm farmers in the surroundings Olo Stork, Nagari Ketaping, District of Batang Anai, Padangpariaman District, Tuesday (7/20/2010), the decline in oil prices is no longer due to the influence of the price of crude oil or crude palm oil (CPO ), but also due to disruption of a number of maintenance activities of the commodity itself. Besides due to erratic weather conditions, farmers are more waiting to get them to market.

"Now the co indak deck because the world oil price begins. Lah Pulo penyebabnyo many. When information from the ambo nan dapek toke, the effect of oil price harago lai indak deck. Apart from the weather deck, was now indak ambo lai co biaso harvest," he said.

He mentioned, it has become the benchmark price provisions of the toke or collector. During this harvest the palm of his marketed to Pasaman my heart, where the straight toke take into his garden. "Toke langsuang ambiak of risk. Wak manunggu just jam," he said.

He said, every once in 20 days, he was able to harvest an average of one ton of oil. His last land area of two hectares of palm oil was able to harvest as much as 1.2 tons. He admitted that the current price environment does not much affect their crops, because prices are often erratic and can change at any time. "Palm ko tagantuan hargo. Kok rose untuang deck crew, deck maintenance kok down litak se. Indak sabandiang kadikaluaan jo nan costs," he said. In the region, he said again, there are about five hectares of land including land owned oil community. Toke-toke of some areas of this sleama been buying palm oil from that region-


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