Pinang Prices Down, so Lazy Farmers

Padang ekspres. net-Commodity prices have also tumbled dry nut. Usually, the selling price of betel nuts from recent weeks ranged Rp4.500 perkilonya-4600, but now only able to be sold at a price of Rp3.500 perkilonya only.

"I bought from farmers for dry nut of Rp3.300 perkilo. Pinang wet perkilonya I bought from farmers ranged from Rp2.700-2800. Fortunately, most of Rp100 obtained perkilo after deducting the costs," said Yet, one of the collectors of agricultural products Padangpariaman District who have businesses located in the Nagari Kasang, District of Batang Anai, Friday (16/07/2010).

Yet the information obtained from sources outside the country, the cause of the decline in the price of taxes allegedly due to the influence of the high production costs and the cost of the ship. Usually the betel-nut Yet it was sold to Medan and then exported to other countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

"He said the government would help the people. But what is the price drop even make us more sengara," said Yet.

He mentioned, every week he was able to sell as much as 18 tons of dried nut exporters. But now since the price decline, she could only sell at most 10 tons just perminggunya.

Due to falling prices, the farmers become lazy. so that supply of dry and wet nut into place much reduced from normal. As a result he was unable to market the nut as usual.

"I expect the same back with cocoa before, how to have the government pay attention to the development of these prices. Sehingganya not harm the farmers and gatherers as the production chain at the lowest level. Because if there are no farmers and gatherers, it is not the government or the exporter may be able to meet export market for overseas. So I hope this can be a concern from the government, "he said


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