Price of Crude Oil, Sugar and Eggs increases

padang ekspres net-Santer chili price increases so that the current talks, a bit overcast. Despite falling prices is not so great chili, but enough to make traders and buyers breathe. But for the onion, stuck with the current high prices compared to the normal price.

"The price of chili on this day had started off the price of Rp40 to Rp36 thousand Thousand perkilo. While onion prices since rising a few weeks ago from Rp14 thousand to USD 25. Until now, these prices are still surviving. Similarly, the price of garlic that rose from Rp16 thousand perkilo to Rp 26 thousand perkilo, "said Danil Chilli traders in Jalan Food Clothing, Pasarraya Padang.

While for the price of tomatoes, Danil mention still normal ie USD 6000 perkilo. Not just chili, onions and tomatoes turns out sugar and oil prices also began creeping up since a week ago. Perkilo oil price of Rp 8200 perkilo Rp8000. While the price of sugar became Rp11.000 from USD 10 000.

Meanwhile the price of eggs also rose. "Every day egg prices have continued to rise. Until now, the price of thirty eggs per grain reaches USD 29 000, "explained Mainis egg merchant in Street Food Clothing.

Egg prices skyrocketing Mainis admitted this from day kehari make people reluctant to buy eggs. "Because we are lonely buyer becomes difficult merchant. Let alone for the pursuit of profit for capital to reverse the course we are difficult moments, "he explained.


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