Quake Victims: quake funds soon liquid

Padang ekspres net-Nurman Padangpariaman a resident whose home was destroyed by an earthquake 30 September 2009 and, now the neighbors are forced to stay in place. Already 10 months Nurman live there with his wife and his children. Her house really can not be occupied again. His house was flattened.

Let alone to buy wood to build emergency houses, to eat only Nurman must stay with his relatives. Nurman It still has a job now, but his work was not able to cover their family life. Nurman also worked odd jobs. Daily revenue indeterminate, sometimes can be, sometimes it can be empty.

"Until we bilo bantuak Iko ka sir. Please convey ka pamarintah, consider our fate. January-awaited je lai. Sacapeknyolah agiahkan that help our ka (until when are we like this pack? Please convey to the government, pay attention to our fate. Do not wait -wait longer. As soon as possible just given), "she begged


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