Recent Earthquake Potential Map

Padang ekspres net-After the earthquake came a barrage, Indonesia finally has a new map of seismic potential. This map will be used as the main reference by the government in "maintaining" the people, country and nation from disaster in the future.

Indonesia Earthquake Map Revision Team (Team 9) A new seismic hazard map released in Jakarta on Friday (16 / 7). New map aims to replace the old map which was issued eight years ago and no longer valid.
Earthquake feared to harm the nation and the country, began to be anticipated by the government. In the revised map presented a variety of potential earthquake-related data based on the slab of rock from the seabed. For example, the data found in the active sections (seismic faults) in Sumatra and Java.
While for the Eastern region, an active fault data are still lacking. New revised map describing the overall condition of earthquake hazards in Indonesia. Also called Makrozonasi Map. 9 team will design the new maps, respon Map, to find out more specific earthquake hazard in a region.
Team Leader 9, Masyur metrotvonline was quoted as saying Irsyam for Jakarta area, the potential fault earthquake is located in North Jakarta. Therefore, the area has soft soil conditions. North Jakarta is also not conducive to building structures. Masyur assume an earthquake can be overcome by the good condition of the building structure. Can also be kept away from active earthquake faults.
Earthquake load
Antara reported a new map created using the probability approach of the bedrock.
It was delivered by Public Works Minister Djoko Kirmanto in exposure to the work of teams in the conference room lasted sung Annex building Bina Graha Jakarta, Friday afternoon. "The result of this map will be accommodated in the revised SNI 03-1726-2002," said Djoko Kirmanto.
This map is used to estimate the amount of seismic load in order to design earthquake-resistant infrastructure. After becoming a national standard, it is expected that all infrastructure will be built based on these maps so that they can withstand earthquake forces that may occur.
Thus, more secure infrastructure. Casualties and material losses can be minimized. In addition, it can also be used to help educate people to understand earthquake forces faced.
Minister of Public Works said this map is very helpful in preparing for the earthquake resistance of buildings in the future, including irrigation infrastructure such as dams.
Meanwhile, a team leader, Prof. Masyhur Irsyam, said although the seismic hazard map was developed based on current data and methodology, but the future still need to be refined on an ongoing basis because it is still much research that needs to be done. "This new study should be to reduce the potential danger of a larger earthquake because remember the event Aceh magnitude greater than previously calculated," he said.
This new map fix a few things from the old seismic hazard map used in ISO 2002 for using a new procedure in making the analysis of seismic hazard probability used by the United States Geological Survey (USGS).
Seismic hazard maps of the probability analysis is a map of peak ground acceleration values of the bedrock as a potential earthquake hazard in a region of vibration by earthquake sources in the surrounding


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