Advised Muslims not be provoked

Padang cleric, Dr KH Nuril Arifin, an MBA, which is usually addressed as Gus Nuril, appealed to Muslims in Indonesia do not be provoked by the burning campaign Koran holy book that was brought up non-denominational groups Dove World Outreach Center. The organization is based in Florida, United States.

"I plead to the entire Indonesian nation not to respond to this motion with anger. He did not know, if we reply with vandalis movement, destroyed all," said Gus Nuril in a joint press conference with interfaith leaders, the Office of Fellowship of Churches in Indonesia, Wednesday (04/08/2010) in Jakarta.

Gus Nuril emphasized that this uncivilized effort not to damage the spirit of brotherhood among religious believers and growing pluralism in Indonesia. "Muslims to restrain themselves and not make an emotional movement, especially movement of replies to the burning," he said.

Action planned by a small group of Americans, he said, do not be rewarded with taking it out on those innocent people in the country. "It was like, the thief was an American, do not hit the Indonesian people. Do not look for innocent people here," he said.

This event was judged a test for Muslims. React, advised Muslims to offer peace and brotherly attitude. "I believe this nation is not affected by movement-edanan insane, inhuman, and barbaric this," he asserted.

The government is also expected to immediately respond to a plan by a non-denominational groups in the United States that, before they escalate and get a reaction from the Indonesian Muslim community.

On the same occasion, representatives from Parisadha Hindu Dharma Indonesia, Udayana, also strongly condemned the action plan intended to commemorate the nine years that the WTC event.

"We condemn the movement that burn holy book. Just like us, we have Wedha. We will also rebel if any such action. Therefore, we must give solidarity with the movement of the combustion of the Muslim holy book brother," said Udayana


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