By Economy, Despite Hurricane Fishermen still go to sea

Padang ekspres. net--Post-storm winds diseratai, fishermen along the coast berberepa Pariaman is still down to the sea, although the weather so far in Pariaman still not stable after storms and high winds that occurred in this Tabuik City. All the fishermen had done that, because economic demand to revive the child and keluargnya.

This media monitoring seemed still remain a number of daring fishermen catch fish in the sea. It's not all like that, because there are among them who choose not go to sea as he parked his boat around the coast at Kota Pariaman.

Edi As one of the fishermen in Pantai Pariaman, Sunday (01/08/2010), the condition of strong winds that hit the ocean waters last Thursday Pariaman actually very risky for the fishermen. But what may make his party had no other choice, because that's the only trade.

He said, the storm conditions that occurred in the area of marine waters Pariaman indeed very dangerous to the safety of the fishermen. Still, because of economic demands they finally had no other choice. Because if they do not go to sea they could not address the smoky kitchen.

"So the reason why the fishermen still brave enough to go to the sea, though in fact they were quite aware of the risk that will happen," he said.

He added that fishermen haul in the area of marine waters Pariaman latter do tend to shrink, it is not apart from damage to coral reefs caused by bombing certain parties.

"In order for the catch of fishermen can be increased, then the effort needs to be done is how to preserve and maintain the existing coral reef preservation, because today there are coral reefs that have been damaged due to bombing by certain parties.'s Why we hope that vandalism action also must be taken seriously by the maritime security, "he said to end.


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