chairman of the House do not understand the law

Padang Chairman Marzuki Alie did not understand the Anticorruption Act therefore he dared to say that the ex-convict case of Bank Indonesia funds YPPI in 2003, Aulia Tantowi Pohan, not a corrupt person.

Said the Chairman of the Central Anti-Corruption study (trawl) UGM Zainal Arifin Mochtar when contacted Rakyat Merdeka Online (Padang-Today.Com group), a moment ago (Tuesday, 24 / 8).

"The definition of the Act is clear, all actions carried out lucrative state financial harm themselves or others it is corruption," said Zainal said firmly.

If in the context of the case YPPI, Aulia Pohan did not enrich themselves but proved he was involved in the act of enriching others by using state funds.

"Read the Corruption Act only. We're clearly defines corruption," he said.

Is Zainal see any effort from state officials to obscure the definition of corruption, to learn from the statement of the Chairman of the House of Representatives?

"It's nothing he (Marzuki Alie) said Aulia is not corrupt. He just did not understand the Act even though the House was surprising because the task is in direct contact with the Law," nutshell.

Just a reminder, the case of BI funds flow started sticking after the Chairman of the Audit Board (BPK), Anwar Nasution on 14 November 2006 wrote to Chairman of the Commission at that time. Taufiequrachman Ruki. Anwar convey the BPK audit findings regarding the misuse of funds of Rp 100 billion from the Indonesian Banking Development Foundation (YPPI) by the directors of BI On July 22, 2003 meeting of the Board of Governors headed by BI Governor Burhanuddin Abdullah issued the approval to provide assistance to the capital increase YPPI scnilai USD 100 billion. Oey Hoey Tiong who in 2003 served as deputy legal director YPPI receive direct funding from the Chairman and Treasurer YPPI Baridjusalam Hadi YPPI Ratnawati Sari.

Furthermore, Oey cashing a check and handed cash to the BI officials who had tangled legal case of Bank Indonesia liquidity assistance (BLBI). The rest, Rp 31.5 billion provided by Rusli Simandjuntak told the House of Representatives Commission IX of the banking committee in 2003 for the settlement period BLBI issue and amendment of Act 23 of 1999 regarding the BI.

In addition to funds from YPPI. BI spend USD 15 billion from the budget of Bi for legal aid to the three directors of BI, namely Heru Supraptomo, Hendro Budianto and Paul Sutopo, issued at the time appointed central bank governor Syahril Sabirin. For this case the former Governor of BI. Burhanuddin Abdullah was sentenced to five years' imprisonment substituted by six months in prison. He was also fined Rp 250 million. Meanwhile, four persons are former BI deputy governor Aulia Pohan, Maman Sumantri. Bun plantation EJ Hutapea and Aslim Tadjuddin sentenced to 4.5 years in prison. Besides the four required to pay fines amounting to Rp 200 million subsidiary six months in prison


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