Court Decision: Prohibition of Illegal Police Wear Hijab

Padang administrative court in Norway last Friday (20 / 8) said that the police ban on women wearing the hijab is illegal, in response to government's refusal last year to allow Muslim women police officers to wear the hijab.
Norwegian equality court said in a non-binding opinion, stating that the ban was contrary to freedom of religion and the law of anti-discrimination by removing the entire category of women from access to the police profession.
"Work for the police official is a mirror of the Norwegian society as a whole," wrote the court in its decision.

"Our society is multi-cultural and diverse, and the police also had to describe this diversity, it is possible to maintain with great confidence among the population, the statement added.

Having declared himself a Muslim woman wants to become a police officer but did not want to remove her hijab, the Norwegian government last year approved the decision to allow female police officer wearing a Muslim headscarf.

However, the ruling coalition has sparked anger and indictment of the largest opposition members, right-wing party, which states that allow it allows the existence of Islamization "gradual" in the country of Norway.

The main police union also said the rejection of their plan at the time, with calls that the police uniform should remain neutral.

"Islamic headscarf would undermine the neutrality of the uniform to a certain level," said head Margrethe Haugli Trude court on Friday.

"But this is a small sacrifice to ensure that the principles of equality and freedom of religion is enforced," he told AFP.

Ministry of justice, which theoretically can choose to ignore the decision, did not immediately respond to the decision by the court. (FQ / Aby)


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