Double Standard, Dutch Muslims Fined For Holocaust Cartoons Create

PADANGEKSPRES.NET-Amsterdam. Dutch Court of Appeal sentenced a fine of 2500 euros or 3200 dollars to a group of Muslims in his country for making and publishing cartoons mocking the massacre of the Jews during the second world war or the Holocaust.

Arnhem City Court considered the cartoons published in Arab sites European League (AEL) in the 2006's as an act of unnecessary and 'painful'. In a cartoon that depicted the Holocaust was an incident exaggerated by Jews. The court also sanctioned the experiment for two years at AEL in order not to repeat his actions.

This cartoon depicts two men in the Auschwitz concentration camp in Austria, which saw several dead bodies. "I do not think they are Jews," said a man in the cartoon. The other person replied, "We must get to number six million." Cartoons that questioned how could a total of six million Jews murdered during the Holocaust.

Dutch Muslim groups that did not really want to attack the tragedy of the Holocaust. They just want to show the double standards of freedom of speech that are often applied in the Netherlands and other European countries. Cartoon came after Danish newspapers published cartoons of Prophet Mohammad), which triggered protests among Muslims in many countries. (Budi Raharjo / Arab News / AFP)


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