Fake police, Inspired by Television News

Padang Ekspres.net-Painan - Hendrian HZ aka J aka Jen (33), bogus police officers who had been picked up police officers resort (Police), South Coastal and confessed to police fraud action because it was inspired by criminals on television news often includes self-styled police.

Being the police may have been a dream of citizens of the Gulf of sackcloth Bungus Padang everyday this profession as a motorcycle. However, probably because no fate, her ideals were stranded after four melamarkan themselves into Charlton Group Holdings MTsN Police armed with diplomas held.

"My goal is to be a policeman, Bang! But four times apply MTsN armed with a diploma does not pass-pass," said Jen, on the South Coast district police Satreskrim room, Tuesday (3 / 8) night.

On the sidelines of the inspection by police investigators, Jen seemed relaxed, without feeling groggy to answer questions from journalists. According to him, about six months ago the idea of a policeman appeared and dilakoninya after an old school friend gave me one set of clothes police, like a confession to investigators.

"My friend was given a pass to the police. As a memento. Seeing the news on television about the fake police arrest an inspiration for me to do the same thing," he admits.

By claiming to be police officers held the rank of Inspector-One (Iptu), this self-styled action seeking officers who would be duped victims with a promising mode can be accepted as a Police Specialist. As a result, after three months of operation, three people fell victim. One person recognized Pariaman residents came and gave Jen Rp5 million in cash. However, these victims do not meet the demand for the next Jen who asked for money to Rp20 million.

Armed with a Tarusan and acquaintances in New Market Bayang, Jen-wing operations to develop the South Coast. Result in a short time, the two victims into the trap. And, without a long process, each cash flow to Rp20 million pocket Jen from two victims, one of whom was female.

Jen admitted no one knew, including Tarusan and acquaintances in New Market, if in fact he's not a cop. This is of course smooth operation.

However, suspicions began to arise when after three months running since the money handed over, the two victims had also called to take part in education. Meanwhile, Jen is still poor across New Market and Tarusan. Starting from here, police finally Jen sniffing action, so that the surveillance was conducted.

Monday (two eighths) night was a fateful day for Jen, when he was busy drinking coffee and chatting in a diner in the New Market, he was ambushed by Tim Buser Southern Coastal district police under the command of Wakapolres Kompol Zulfardi Sani. Jen was not arrested when police uniform. When asked to show his uniform, police escorted Jen toward her home in sackcloth Bungus Padang Bay.

Currently the South Coast district police was investigating the case for the first time this has happened in the jurisdiction of the South Coast district police. Including the possibility of conspiracy or the perpetrator has not


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