Followed Interisland pool of 150 participants

Padang Ekspres. net-Painan-least about 150 athletes of national and local swimming classes take part in the event of Inter Island Swimming Competition that was held in a series of festival events Langkisau Painan VIII in 2010 in the South Coastal District, this morning (Sunday, 1 / 8).

Head of the South Coast Tourism Dis Pokbudpar Yadi contacted as many as 33 states this time of national athletes and 97 local athletes were in the start location at Pier Panasahan, where the event takes place.

"Now there are 33 national athletes and 97 local athletes who come. We expect approximately 150 participants will take part in this event," he said.

According Yadi, the opening will be conducted by the Head of the South Coastal Pokbudpar Dis Yunasri with routes to the island from Pier Panasahan Cingkuk for the national class and hangar Carocok PPI for local classes.

Enthusiastic athletes following the race this time mentioned Yadi Pool is still the same as the previous year saw the number of participants.

VIII Festival today Langkisau entering day five of the eight-day annual event is scheduled for carpet Pemkab the South Coast.

While on the main stage is still ongoing competitions for paragliding Randai and still continues. Three events were held today expected to suck because the holiday visitor.

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