Government Set Fast Start Today

Padang all over the country, last night had begun to pray tarawih prime. The government determines the beginning of Ramadan 1431 H at once fell at the beginning of the fasting month today (11 / 8).

The decision was taken in the trial itsbat (initial setting of Ramadan) in the office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs (Kemenag), considering the observation of the new moon at some point in the homeland.

New moon or new moon rukyatul observations were carried out in ten cities. Namely, Biak, Makassar, NTB, NTT, Gresik, Tenggarong, Bandung, Riau, Lhok Nga Aceh, Riau, Yogyakarta, and Bandung.

"The determination was made after the new moon seen in four places," said Minister of Religious Affairs Ali Suryadharma Itsbat sedan when leading at the office, Field Jalan Banteng, Jakarta, yesterday (10/08/2010).

Director of Islamic Sharia and the Ministry of Religious Affairs (Kemenag) who is also Chairman of the Board Hisab Rukyat (BHR), Dr. Abdul Fatah Rohadi determination to strengthen it. He said, from the official observations Kemenag in 10 points in Indonesia, the moon looks at four places. Fourth place was the "Probolinggo, Gresik, Cilincing, North Jakarta, and Bengkulu." Witnesses who have seen the new moon had been through an oath, "he said strengthened.

Initial determination of the trial which led the Minister of Religious Ramadan Suryadharma Ali was also attended by Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) KH kindness Amin, Director General of the Supreme Islamic Court Agency Rev. Widiana, Secretary General Kemenag Bahr Hayat, Director General of Islamic Guidance Nasaruddin Umar, head of Islamic mass organizations, representatives of friendly countries, and members of the Board and Rukyat Kemenag Hisab.

"Rohadi convey, reckoning agencies and Islamic organizations have done reckoning (counting the date) and astral conjunction" before the initial determination of Ramadan. Mention the determination of the month and the results happened yesterday around 10:00 pm. Therefore, at sunset in the afternoon yesterday in Indonesia, the position taken into account the new moon above the horizon at an elevation of 1 degree 14 minutes to 2 degrees 30 minutes. That is, according to reckoning, the new moon can be seen with the naked eye to determine the beginning of Ramadan.

"Alhamdulillah, the reckoning will be strengthened by the fact that there rukyah witnesses see the moon. This year, almost all Islamic organizations agreed to a Ramadan on Wednesday (today, Red)," he said.

Chairman of the Standing Committee Falakiyah NU, KH A Masroeri Ghazali said that the results of reckoning in the almanac for Markaz NU Singapore, astral conjunction "or the determination of the new moon occurs on Tuesday at 10:08 pm. According to the calculation of the NU, Hilal was four degrees 13 minutes south of the sun at an altitude of two degrees 22 minutes in a tilted position to the south and is above the horizon for 11 minutes 46 seconds.

"So basically it can dirukyat moon with the naked eye because it is above the standard imkanur rukyat (visibility observations, Red) that has been agreed by MABIM member countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam)," he explained.

Suryadhama added, after accommodating input from various mass organizations, in the future the government will make the determination of the similarity criteria rukyatul moon. Suryadhama say, in the future there needs to be related to that enlightenment. "Scholars and the government needs to come together again, the criteria we set together so that the beginning of Ramadan and Syawal is no difference anymore," he concluded


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