Ical: Golkar Face Malaysian Government Expects Assertiveness

DPP Chairman of the Golkar Party Bakrie expects the government more firmly in the face of Malaysia.

"The attitude of Golkar in this situation is that even though the heart must be cold hot head. We hope there is a firmness of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Really we should be friends but more importantly than that sovereignty remains the number one," said Ical, Bakrie close calls in Makassar, Monday .

According to him, the expected firmness is daring to take the attitude of what is considered right and wrong.

Ical said, a move which is under the Ministry of Foreign barter Creepy inappropriate.

He also considered, and rallies are conducted by way of damage is not justified. Nevertheless, the step of negotiations is the best way to war because Indonesia is not a peace loving country.

"The important cross border must be clarified, there is no reason for Malaysia to do the delay," he said in Makassar in the present series of Ramadhan safari Golkar Party.

Berlambang Party banyan tree supports the House of Representatives to exercise prerogatives to make clarifications to the government.

"If government can answer correctly, I believe acceptable," said Ical.

The right of interpellation

Separately, Deputy Secretary General of Ade Komarudin of the Golkar Party, said his party encouraged the use of Rights for the Council members questioned the interpellation to the government related issues with Malaysia.

"We (Golkar Party) encourage the use of the right of interpellation is the case of Malaysia," said Ade Komarudin during buka puasa with Soksi board in Jakarta on Monday.

According to him, freeing his party members to join the proposed right of interpellation.

He said the rights of interpellation is used to maintain the dignity of the nation. The problem with Malaysia have been hurt the dignity of the nation.

"FPG DPR rate this interpellation more reason to question the dignity and sovereignty of the country which should not be harassed by any country in the world," said Ade.

Ade Komarudin added that government efforts to tackle the problem of Malaysia, should not be too much describes the attitude of resignation, without any concrete solution.


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