Indonesia Friendly or Stupid?

Specialists in International Law University of Indonesia, Hikmahanto Juwana, judging by the Indonesian Government's diplomacy in conflict resolution with Malaysia is "half-hearted". The Government was impressed hesitate in taking a more assertive diplomatic steps.
Very half-hearted diplomacy. We are so difficult to distinguish whether we are too friendly or stupid.
- Hikmahanto Juwana

"Diplomacy is very half-hearted. We are so difficult to distinguish whether we are too friendly or stupid," said Hikmahanto in the discussion "The fate of migrant workers and Diplomacy Half a Heart", in Jakarta, Saturday (28/08/2010). Hikmahanto exposed, the Government appeared to be unsteady on Indonesia's current position.

On 18 August, Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa said that the arrests made by the Policy Kings Marin Malaysian Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries officers occurred in the territory of Indonesia. However, this belief is judged began to weaken after the testimony of three employees NOA stating that the GPS was dead. "So, when amid the sea, they use a map. After this testimony, the Government began to doubt whether this is happening in our region," said Hikmahanto.

Government of Indonesia and Malaysia should sit at a table to discuss these incidents to make sure where the arrest occurred. If it occurs in parts of Indonesia, then Malaysia should apologize.

"Conversely, if it's in the territory of Malaysia, we are sorry. If it happens in the area overlapping the border, which is still claimed by both countries, the Government has to explain to people that we can not claim it happened in Indonesia," he said. However, weak coordination between Hikmahanto deplore the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and related agencies.

"The government should be able to analyze where the strong position of Indonesia. If you can position stronger, then the diplomacy will not be half-hearted," said Hikmahanto.

He also suggested a meeting between Indonesia and Malaysia which will take place on September 6, next to not only discuss the border, but also address issues of sticking due to expansion of the incident. Member of Commission I of the origin fraction Democrat, Roy Suryo, assess the measures implemented by the Government are clear and appropriate to maintain the situation is not more pointed.


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