Indonesia Will not Use Military Power

Padang Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro affirmed, there is no increase in degree of power in RI-Malaysia border area.

"Until now there are no reports of increased (degree of strength) in RI-Malaysia border pascainsiden yesterday," he said after attending the opening with ranks of the Ministry for Political, Legal, and Human Rights in Jakarta on Friday (27/08/2010).

He said that, based on the observation in the Nipah, Idolatry, and Rondo, no improvement (power degree) in RI-Malaysian sea border. Securing land and sea border areas of Indonesia with other countries, including Malaysia, the usual or normal standard.

Similar disclosed TNI Commander General Djoko Santoso, who said that whatever is done should be based on political decisions of the TNI. "Until now, the government established a settlement through diplomatic channels. Yes, we follow. So there is no addition or increase in degree of power in the border even though relations between the two countries (Indonesia-Malaysia) warmed up," he said.

Indonesia-Malaysia relations warmed again pascapenangkapan three Marine and Fisheries Ministry officials by Malaysian authorities while on duty in Cape rafting, Indonesia. However, eventually both sides agreed to negotiate the issue back to the border of both countries in Kinabalu, Malaysia, on 6 September.


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