Japanese Ambassador inaugurates School and Mosque

Padang Ekspres.net-Back schools damaged by the earthquake was inaugurated. This time it was the turn of SD 43 Dadok Black stumps. With the resmikannya school, so it's been 25 schools damaged by the earthquake that completely repair.

The inauguration was attended by Vice Mayor of Padang, the Japanese Ambassador and Director General of ministries of education and head of education department and other stakeholders who attended the event.

According to Japanese Ambassador Yusuf Anwar, Ambassador of Japan on this day will inaugurate the two schools and a mosque, one elementary school that was established 43 Dadok Black stumps, and a longer school and the mosque will be inaugurated the existing schools in the district Padangpariaman.

"To build two schools and a mosque was to spend funds Rp3, 5 Billion. These funds come from contributions of Japanese citizens, not from the Japanese government, "Mention of Joseph.

Meanwhile, Education Minister Prof. DG Surayanto in his speech gave a high appreciation of the construction of 43 elementary wait Dadok black, now his name is added to 43 SD Sakura Dadok Black stump.

"Assistance provided by the Japanese ambassador is certainly very helpful government. Especially for the city of Padang, most schools damaged by the earthquake, September 30, "he explained.

Joseph also mentioned that the central government will strive for the completion of construction of damaged schools in West Sumatra, particularly for heavily damaged schools. According yusuf, until today for reconstruction of educational facilities in West Sumatra central government has allocated Rp 109.7 billion.

Meanwhile, for the elementary school itself was also found 43 unique sides, usually in their local schools do not use names. For 43 primary school which was built from locally-Japanese assistance was called by its local city names in Japan, such as local presence Nagoya, Tokyo, Okasa and others.

According to Vice Mayor of Padang, with no problems like this with the local naming. "This is just a sign that this school could be built by the Japanese as well as historical evidence," concluded Mahyeldi.


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