Kerosene rose, the people choke

Padang of the sellers (retailers) in kerosene Pakanrabaa, Koto Gadang Diateh skelter, said that rising oil prices due to lack of supply of land. In fact, since last two days he did not even miss the time to buy on base.

"Oil is difficult now. Can not be bought," said the source of this medium, Monday (16/08/2010).

Padang watchlist Ekpspres net in a few stalls in KPGD, kerosene prices have soared to Rp5.000-Rp5.500 per liter. Several weeks earlier, kerosene still perched on Rp4.500 per liter. Separately, oil prices were even more craze in the region Sapansalak, East Rabaa Feed, KPGD. In rural areas, the kerosene sold Rp7.500-7800 per liter.

Staff of the Economic and development (Ekbang) Setdakab Solsel, Muhammad Yudi when asked for his statement about this condition, said it had written to the Pertamina and agents. Questioned why the distribution or supply of kerosene is still less to Solsel. Is the oil is scarce or the problem lies in the agent.

"We are awaiting information from Pertamina and the agent used, the new base we have to hold a special kerosene market operation . The letter was signed before the fasting month, but until now there has been no answer," said Yudi, Monday (16/08/2010).

He admitted, his side was overwhelmed watching Mita prices especially in the retailer. Because, when the price or base-level agent, has no ketatapan Retail Price (MRP). Can not be played out to play. However, if people buy them in shops (retailers), then that price can not be controlled.

"Hence, we expect consumers to buy directly on the base. Each district should have a base oil. But for districts that do not have a base, may propose, and we undertake merealisasinya," he said


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