Malaysia need a shock therapy

Padang of the House felt the issue related with the arrest of three officers of Malaysia Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, was not just done in an apology. There needs shock therapy so that similar incidents do not recur in the future.

"Combustion and perpetrators of illegal fishing vessels penenggalaman will be a shock therapy," said MCC Rofi Munawar politicians. According to him, that action must be the Indonesian government continues to be a deterrent effect.

"Keep in mind, the burning and protected penenggalaman legislation," said a member of Commission IV of the origin of the VII dapil East Java. More precisely, the Act No. 45 Year 2009 on Fisheries Article 69 paragraph (4). "As long as there is sufficient evidence of the beginning of the course," he added.

Technical implementation, Rofi described, for example, arrested five foreign-flagged ships ditangkapmelakukan fisihing illegal practices, the task force simply burned patrol boats and four ships have sunk. One ship more to accommodate the entire crew and then taken it out of Indonesian waters.

However, ideally in such fisheries surveillance operation, the patrol task force should involve the combined elements. That is, it also must involve the Police and / or the Navy. Only then, the strength of his patrol vessels will be increased.

"The sea, fish, or the existing potentials in the note the time has come more as a great asset, other than sovereignty issues also," he concluded. (DYN)


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