market Padang built soon

Padang Mayor, DR. H. Fauzi Bahar, medium, say, Padang City Government has appointed a Presidential Market development tender winner in Padang, Pasar Raya. The statement was at once answered a polemic about the market development funds, whether assistance from the central or change the nomenclature of matching funds into the development fund.

It was said Fauzi, Monday (16 / 8) in Padang. According to Fauzi, according to the calendar of development has started since mid-August. In his explanation to the press Fauzi said the construction of the decision be implemented immediately so as not to delay anymore, once completed the polemic that developed around the bazaar.

He cited, ranging from 18-month construction period, meaning that the market in February 2012 it was completely built. Rp59 billion fund that is mentioned in the budget plan as matching funds to states this time Fauzi Presidential Market development phase I. "For fund of BNPB Rp64, 5 billion will be liquefied in this week," said Fauzi.

Dana Rp64, 5 billion that will be used for the construction of phase II of Presidential Market. To the field, there is currently no market demolition, except as Presidential Market Phase II soon be built in, so the dismantling of the current Market II Inpres his first floor traders still exploited.


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