Mission Da'wah "Master" Kapoor, For Al-Quran in Canada and the U.S..

PADANG EKSPRES.NET-A Canadian Muslim cooperation with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) will hold a social action to distribute the Qur'an for free in Canada and the U.S.. This action made after a church in Gainesville, Florida announced it would hold "Day of International Quran Burning" to commemorate the ninth year the September 11 attacks in the U.S..

Suhail Kapoor will share the Al-Quran with English translation as an attempt to spread the messages of Islam among people in Canada and the U.S.. He later received generous funding support from the Muslim to print the Quran to be distributed. "If you print a lot, so much cheaper printing costs, only 1.25 dollars per the Koran," he said.

According to Kapoor, a lot of people who oppose Islam because they do not know about the teachings of Islam. "If they have a chance to read the Quran, which is a miracle from God, the holy book will change their views," Kapoor said optimistically.

Kapoor actively preaching in Canada after converted to Islam in 1990 while working in Saudi Arabia. He has distributed thousands of the Qur'an during the last 10 years. "You know, Al-Quranlah that changed intentions before Umar ibn Khattab who converted to Islam wants to kill the Prophet. I know, there are thousands of people who finally accept Islam after reading the contents of the Quran," said the man who previously was Hindu.

Kapoor condemned the campaign by the Church in Gainsville, but he believes a black campaign against Al-Quran will encourage more people to read the Quran. He tells his own experiences when studying the Quran from a friend while still working in Saudi Arabia, until he decided to become Muslim.

"I accepted Islam after finding a convincing answer from the teachings of Islam on all of my questions about life goals. In Islam, one can beg for forgiveness directly to God without having to go through an intermediary, a scholar for example," said Kapoor.

By distributing the Koran, Kapoor wanted to convey the messages of Islam in North American policy makers to change their negative attitude toward Islam and Muslims. Kapoor believes the Islamic revival will start from the West, where every day there will be hundreds of new people who embraced Islam. He survey data reveal a nonprofit organization that says, every year there are 150 thousand to 200 thousand people who converted to Islam in North America and 200 thousand people in Europe.

He stressed the importance of interaction between Muslims and non-Muslims in Western society in solving various problems they face. "I am pleased to see that already many efforts made in that direction. For example, each fall of the Muslim community join cleanliness campaign in Toronto. A lot of veiled Muslim women participate in the program this hygiene. Events of this kind would give a positive image for the Muslim community," said Kapoor.

Writing Books

Besides preaching, Kapoor has also written a book. His book "Islam: Balancing Life and Beyond", receives in Western societies and has inspired many people to embrace Islam. 72 pages thick book that was printed as many as 210 thousand copies of it, at the request of the London Central Mosque will be reprinted at the expense of the Muslim community donations.

Kapoor concentrate his Islamic da'wah in the city Mississauga, approximately 24 kilometers north of Toronto. He distributed the book in the streets and give lectures on Islam in churches and Catholic schools in Canada. From his experience preaching, Kapoor said that there are many wrong views about Islam in Western societies. "And I want to delete the wrong thinking that," he said.

Kapoor called on Muslims to show Islam by showing the best behavior. He regretted that since they were born Muslim but does not show a soft attitude and commitment as a Muslim. Therefore, Kapoor had always admired the converts, especially among women in the West who convert to Islam and follow the teachings of Islam with high commitment.

"It's been phenomenal," he said. (Ln / arabnews)


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