Mufti of Bosnia: Serb Destroy A Mosque in Ramadan

Padang of Bosnia Mustafa Shaikh Tseric protest the attitude of Serbian authorities had destroyed a mosque in the holy month of Ramadan.

Bosnian Mufti protest was made after the city government of Serbia to the destruction of a mosque in the village near Livno Sturba. Representatives from the international community in Bosnia Valentin Anczyko mufti of Bosnia finally sought to intervene for the destruction of the mosque.

In a statement, Grand Mufti of Bosnia said that the Muslim population in this region suffered greatly because of ethnic and religious discrimination, and he expressed deep regret and disappointment over the decision of the Serbian government authorities destroyed the mosque in the holy month of Ramadan.

But the Serbian authorities themselves to defend themselves for their actions destroy a mosque. According to them, the mosque was destroyed because it was built illegally in the area south of Bosnia.

Total population in the Balkan region is 3.8 million ethnic Bosnia, including 40% of whom are Muslim and 31% of the Serbian Orthodox and about 10% of Catholic Croatia. (FQ / imo)


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