Must be confronted with the Travel Advisory

Padang unfinished cases revealed by the parliament, the parliament is now back with the statement made dizzy Malaysian Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah who threatened to issue travel advisory or reduction of visits to Indonesia. To that end, the various responses was emerging. One of the most expected is the existence of third party intervention.

"If the political impasse has occurred, it no longer speaks as allied nations. But as the nations of Asean. For that we need the support from third parties in ASEAN for the centering of this problem, "said Vice Chairman of the House Taufik Kurniawan, to Indopos (JPNN group), overnight (26/08/2010).

Taufik's Speech prism of history that the Indonesian government had been mediating in the dispute over Vietnam and Cambodia. "We can ask the border issue is a problem of Asean. Immediately felt need Marty Natalegawa RI Secretary considers that the communication traffic to sit with the spirit of Asean, "he explained.

If ASEAN did not want to come help resolve RI-Malaysia border, then appealed to the Asean Taufik better just disbanded. "Why have ASEAN, if the spirit as Asian countries do not exist in RI-Malaysia problems. If you can Vietnam or Cambodia who had been assisted by Indonesia, want to come sit down together as a third party, "he hoped.

Taufik also asserts that as an archipelago and has a national perspective, it is very fair land shall be disturbed if there was one area disturbed by other countries. "The protests made the Indonesian people is the attitude of the fair in his country when they feel harassed. Moreover, the memorandum of objection GoI instead rewarded by the threat of travel advisory by Malaysia. This means that diplomacy can lead to deadlock. If the government is not firm, then the other solution is the need for a third party, "he said.

Vice Chairman of other lawmakers, Pramono Anung respond, Malaysia travel advisory should be returned. That assertiveness as the appointment of the government of Indonesia. "Malaysian Foreign Minister's statement clearly indicates that no good faith in diplomacy. For that the government should be more assertive. And the government should also do something similar travel advisory to Malaysia, "said Deputy Chairman of Parliament criticized the tone Pramono Anung told reporters at the Parliament Building, Senayan, Jakarta.

According to the Pram, the Indonesian government's attitude towards Malaysia must be clarified. Moreover, the memorandum of protest Indonesia have never heard of Malaysia. "Mr Marty as a diplomat should be able to convey such firmness Indonesian attitude," he said.

Malaysia condemned the tone was also presented Sekreatris Fraction PD Mustopa hearings. According to him, the threat of travel advisory is excessive action and making it up. "That attitude is not a gentleman. And it's not a friendly attitude. It's called threatening, "said exam with a high tone in the House of Representatives, yesterday.

As a fellow allied nations, Malaysia requested more hearings to be polite to Indonesia. By the way did not show a provocative attitude and fishing issues, all issues can be resolved with good will and mutual respect of sovereignty of each country.

Hearings hoping to Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa still make efforts so that the best diplomatic issues such as detention of three DKP by Malaysian police officers did not happen again. "Foreign Minister must be firm for the search for understanding and formulating the most effective diplomatic efforts so that these incidents do not recur and quite up in here," said Member of Commission III.

Firmer tone disclosed Vice Chairman Ahmad Muzani Gerindra Party Faction. He said,. Malaysian politics is doing a very dangerous attitude with Indonesia. Namely, trying to divert the issue actually want that they should be responsible for the arrest of three officers Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (NOA), the Riau Islands.

"They (Malaysian) politics is doing the transfer issue of the actual substance of the issue. That perversion of facts. And this attitude is dangerous diplomatic relations, "emphasized Muzani.

Muzani states, if the reason for travel advisory was associated with the action of demonstrations against the Embassy of Malaysia is a reasonable attitude shows the attitude of nationalism that spontaneity. "That there were demonstrations in Jakarta by various elements of society must be recognized. And different, in Indonesia and Malaysia to the politics of community involvement is very different, "he said.

In Indonesia, he added, is very open, very democratic so masyasrakat can express themselves against a government decision or any institution in ways that are measurable. This means that demonstrations are conducted by NGOs, it sah2-legitimate, given his country's sovereignty had been violated. But that there are ethical violations by throwing dirt, it is also recognized. That's so the police finish legal affairs, "he said.

However Muzani government requested that more carefully address this issue. "We should not rise to the bait, the substance of the problem is in Cape Bonded, issues of sovereignty which must be resolved correctly by the two countries," he said.

Different statement disclosed Vice Chairman of the House Anis Matta. MCC secretary-general is hereby expressly declares that the government should not be provoked to issue the same statement that is doing the travel advisory against Malaysia. "We should not be trapped in this case. Because if the wrong step, it could be a boomerang. We must prioritize the issues of diplomacy and law. If the trend of deteriorating relations with neighbors, Indonesia's image in international eyes are not good. This idea should be encouraged, although not popular, "said Anis.

According to Anis, the Indonesian government harsh stance against Malaysian citizens will cause Indonesia to Malaysia. Moreover, if Malaysia's migrant workers return to Indonesia. "For example if they repatriate labor, and I think this can not be resolved any time soon," he added.

Anis actually expect the government of Indonesia should get closer to Malaysia. He explained that in the history of confrontation with Malaysia, the country does not always win. "Back Down Malaysia Sukarno era, it was precisely the wrong choice at that time. We must see the framework of Indonesia's position in the region as a whole. In this region of our economy are too strong not included, therefore each have a negative image of Indonesia in international eyes, it can be a massive impact for Indonesia, and it was to think to re-prioritize the settlement through diplomatic and legal, "said Anis . (Dil)


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