NU Wants Ban prayer rcorpse Corruptor

Padang continues to corrupt or do not reap dishalatkan responses. Statement of the General Chairman of Muhammadiyah, Prof. Dr. Din Syamsuddin who asserted that he knew that the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) has decided that the corruptor is not dishalatkan, get a rebuttal from the Chairman of the Information Communication and Publication Board Large NU, HM. Fatoni sultan, Si

"NU never gave the message conveyed and the law as Pak Din Syamsuddin imagined," said the sultan Fatoni keterangnya sent to JPNN, Saturday (08/21/2010).

According to this Pasuruan Sidogiri Islamic School alumnus, the scholars can not be decided outside the legal reasoning of Islamic sharia. In principle, every Muslim wardhu menshalati kifayah Muslim bodies. This is where the scholars' deliberation, that the law still allows fardhu kifayah means certain group of Muslims not to pray corpse. This particular group in the formulation of NU's time is the kiai, the scholars who do not need to get involved menshalati janazah corrupt Muslim.

"Discussion of the scholars were in the context of respect for a corrupt person that was not necessary, and if corrupt then the law dies fardhu kifayah menshalatinya fixed, but the cleric did not need to participate menshalatinya, because the presence of Muslim scholars in prayer remains a corrupt categorized as a tribute," brightness.

In the tradition of the scholar, he added, some time after the body of a priest prays the prayer (which is usually scholars, ed) invited testimony to the congregation that this body of pious people, either. Then congregational prayers answered, 'right, he's a good person'.

"If indeed he was convicted criminals, and the priest prays, invites scholars testify that he was good, what's possible? In this context, the decision was taken that to the scholars do not need menshalati corruptor, other than please the clergy, including citizens Nahdliyin, "ulasnya.

Likewise with the controversy about "that corrupt infidels" is associated as a mirror of thought NU, the sultan said, NU was never discussed, either explicitly or implicitly. "NU Congress in 1930 to five years has been to explain the types of" infidels "as including only within the scope of Islamic theology, because it never classifies NU corrupt, thieves, and the like as an infidel," he concluded. (Sam / jpnn)


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