2010-2015 Sumatra Development Must Focus and Focused!

Padang ekspres.net-In 2010-2015 the construction of West Sumatra, to do the movements and motivations, which could give rise and leverage the potential power of community. So that productivity is able to provide a trigger for people in this area.

"We must focus and direction. Provide guidance and assistance for those who want to work selectively and that has been done. So that these limited funds will be able to maximize the results that we wish to achieve," said Irwan Prayitno Governor of West Sumatra, at a meeting with several heads SKPD limited Economic Affairs and Regional Disaster Management Agency (BNPD) in the Assembly room of the Regional Secretariat Office of the Governor, Tuesday (08/17/2010).

Present at the occasion, the Deputy Governor of the Muslim eunuch, Plt.Sekdaprov Mahmuda Rivai, SH.MM, Ka Bappeda, head of Forestry, the head of Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Marine Kadis, Kadis Estates, Kadis Koperindag, Ka BKPMD, Kabiro Public Relations and Protocol, the Economy and Kabiro some of the staff.

Irwan Prayitno convey, it is necessary firmness in driving development in West Sumatra with the way it grows from the bottom of development, develop the potential of existing ones, and give attention and guidance for those who have already done so they can afford better.

Furthermore, the limited budget funds, made the selection in giving aid. "We must be willing to prioritizing the work, not lazy," he said.

To that he said, necessary to formulate a priority scale of superior society. Among the priorities is the field of cocoa, tuna fishery, cattle breeding, agriculture in addition to rice, vegetables, field of cooperatives to grow small and medium entrepreneurs.(PTD)


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