Police: Decisive Action Could, But First Look

Padang ekspres.net-In another part of the development crisis of the Indonesia-Malaysia, Police Headquarters Brig Kadivhumas Iskandar Hasan, Malaysia responded casually about the demands that the Indonesian government wants to catch perpetrators of throwing feces at his embassy office in Jakarta. "We have not meihat memorandum of protest," said Iskandar at Police Headquarters on Thursday (26/08/2010) yesterday.

But certainly, said Iskandar Similarly, if the act does contain elements of criminal, the police will act firmly to anyone. "Whoever it was, whether citizen or foreigner, we will menindaknya," he added firmly.

As you know, Monday (08/23/2010), as many as three people Fortress People's Democratic activist (Flag) previously demonstrating in front of the Embassy of Malaysia, the authorities had secured the Polda Metro Jaya, because the stone building located on Jalan Rasuna Said it with human waste. Then, why are they removable?

"If it had been released, meaning in the process of proof, their deeds do not contain any criminal elements," said Iskandar.

Meanwhile, when asked if there is art, which provides that throws one of the embassy building with human waste, including criminal action, Iskandar said it would study the case again. "I see. If it does exist, we will act decisively," said former police chief of Bangka-Belitung it again. (KWh)


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