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Padang ekspres.net-Ramadan encourages worshipers of God Almighty to increase the quantity and quality of racing charities. As well as to appreciate the time and make the most optimal places in like God Almighty. That three-dimensional human being must be through, encounter, and experience in their lives. That is, the dimension of space, time dimension and dimensions of the deed. When human beings are capable of controlling all three dimensions, let him be a successful person, happy in the world and the hereafter. And Ramadan conditioned Servants of Allah swt. to control three of these dimensions at the same time effectively.

Time Dimension

Brother, Ramadan presents to us the times are very expensive in the eyes of Allah swt. Is the dawn of time, time before breaking the fast, one-third time that night, even in times when human shaum bero'da when conditions granted by Allah swt. Time in view of Islam is very urgent and vital. Allah Almighty on many occasions in the Qur'an swears by one of His creatures, namely time. For example, Wal-Ashri ashar-time sake, Fajri Wal-By-dawn, Wadl dluha dluha-order time-ff. When Allah Almighty swore by one of His creatures, so the commentators agreed that the object of the oath was a very important and precious in the eyes of Allah swt.

In the context of Ramadan also called a number of time, ayyaamam ma'dudaat-days are counted, which also means a limited-affirmation to always take the time and opportunity. Allah Almighty says:

"O ye who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as obligatory upon the people before you, that ye may be righteous. (It is) in some particular days. "(Surat al-Baqarah: 183-184)

So that the Arab poet says:

You are a series of day-to-day
If passed a single day
So ration your age berkuranglah

Brother, nature of time can not be repeated again, can not be played back. One day pass means that you do charitable deeds, can not be replaced, added, or enhanced in the other day. So when dawn broke, it means you become a new creature for the day. Ration age ummah of Muhammad was between sixty to seventy years. Numbers are not many, when compared with age-ummah ummah until the earlier of hundreds or even thousands of years.

But we can be more superior in terms of value and blessings of their age than when we are able to pick up and grabbed virtues that contributed to our Almighty God, such as reaching Laylat al-Qadr. Brother, Ramadan had tarbiyah or educate us to always appreciate the moment-a moment our time. Days, hours, minutes and seconds to use as much-much goodness and usefulness, until the hour of our death. In prayer we are taught that ma'tsur Prophet. bermunajat "O Allah, I beg thee, that thou make the best of our age in the end."

Room Dimensions

Every human being comes from the holy land, will return to the graveyard, and will be raised from it at a later date. QS. Al A'raf: 25. Nabiyullah Muhammad. and his people have a specificity that is not owned by the ummah, ummah before, namely "Almighty God created the Earth as a place of prostration-mosque-and pure." came the word of the Messenger of Allah.

My brother, when human beings can not escape the dimension of space or place, then we are conditioned to always be in favor. We are encouraged to relocate when implementing the sunnah prayer for example, is in order so that the place we are standing, kneeling, prostrate to witness our own good in the Hereafter.

Instead, earth, space, place, walls on either side, and the roof above Langitan will be a witness acts of sin or sinners. Goods will be made to speak the dead by Allah in the Hereafter. A poet saying:

Where on earth
Under the sky where
I can be adulterous?
Because the earth and sky
Will witness
What I do

Ramadan also implicitly conditioned to us so that we appreciate the clever and optimize space and place that in love of God Almighty. I'tikaf suggestion is made in the temple or mosque. Allah Almighty also loved science assemblies, dhikr, and assemblies taqarrub ilallah. Any workplace in which enforced honesty, exemplary, trustworthy, and also for the welfare of every family who take shelter in the workplace, even for social care community is part of the preferred Allah swt.

Dimensions Deeds

Brother, sanusia be successful or happy not because of heredity, because of position, abundant wealth, nor because it has a lot of supporters.

Look at the Prophet. On the nights of Ramadan to wake her son and daughter, Fatimah and Ali radliyallahu 'Mas'ood, and said unto them, "Wake up, turn on the night with taqarrub ilallah, because I can not help you in akhhirat later. You guys all have their own responsibilities. "What determines success and happiness is a charitable deed. Allah provides him heaven only for those who believe and work righteous. Because sil'ah or merchandise that Allah is extremely expensive. Know that Allah is Jannah merchandise. Allah Almighty says:

"Those who deny Our revelations and scorn, shall never be opened for them the gates of heaven, and not (yet) they go to heaven, until the camel into the eye of a needle. So we give revenge to those who do evil. They have sleeping mats from the Fire and above them there is a blanket (hell fire). So we will reward those who do wrong, And those who believe and work righteous deeds, we do not impose obligations to one's self but simply to his ability, they That the inhabitants of Paradise, they dwell therein. "( QS. Al A'raf: 40-42)

Brother, Ramadan so promising a lot of bonuses and rewards. The practice shall be sepulu doubled to seventy-fold. Calculated sunnah practice mandatory. Du'a diijabah. Read the Koran doubled his kindness, one letter worth ten good. Alms received. Providing iftar to get a reward just like the people who are fasting. Breaking of the fast itself rewarding. Ends a rewarding meal. Jihad, preaching, seeking knowledge, alleviate the distress etc. rewarding.

All goodness is worth the reward. Thus, in the language of the Prophet "The doors of heaven opened wide." While the chance of sinners and sins irreducible "The doors of Hell are closed meetings."

My brother, the other side of Ramadan message to us is how we become the winners in order to control our age, our existence and our everyday behavior. "God knows best


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