Turmeric River Citizens Receive Certificates Transmigration

Padang Ekspres.net-Residents transmigration Turmeric River District Central Sangir cowboy (SBJ) South Solok district who aspire to obtain a certificate of land has been accomplished. Because, in two weeks yesterday handed over the certificate.

According to SBJ Basrial Camat SE, 4000 hectares of plantation land resettlement residents have received a certificate, for that community are very grateful to the local government for having their land certified.

4000 hectares is an area of 2000 Head of the Family (KK) River transmigration Turmeric who received certificates of plantation land. Certificates of plantation land with an area of two hectares each, he added, to have dilaksanakanan making process since the two mingga ago

For each resident in River Turmeric transmigration is divided in four units was obtained a land area of three hectares allotted to each of his families.

"Three acres is two hectares of plantation land, three-quarter hectare of land, food and a quarter hectare of land, a house," he said.

Land for food and farm houses, he added, for the certificates have been furnished in a period of five years ago.

To capture this free certificate, submitted by asking perunitnya / group is a native of transmigration requirement is to submit a photo copy of Population sign cards (KTP) and copies of certificates of land or land home food.

For the process of uptake, was taken to the Department of Forestry and Agriculture (Forestry), South Solok district. However, there are still some people who owned land certificate has not been completed because it is still in the process of completion by the National Land Agency (BPN).

"We are still in the process of completion by BPN Approximately 25 percent longer, and is expected to be realized in 2011 have returned," he said.

For that to people who have obtained certificates of land in order to utilize the best possible, with no land disturbing other residents.

He said, hopefully people with mendapatakan this certificate, was able to feel comfortable and no longer hesitate to state owned land because the majority of these plantations have been planted with rubber


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