The virtue of the Al-Quran Reading

By: Riwayat Attubani

Al-Quran has many virtues and perfection, one of which is obtained by virtue of its readers. As a final revelation of Al-Quran has a surplus, the excess is not shared by God previous books, among them God promises to keep and maintain, "Verily, We are lowering the Koran, and We take care of them," (Surat al-Hijr: 9). In another verse Allah says that the Quran has a high value and contains much wisdom, "And verily in the parent Al-Quran Al-Book (Lauh Mahfudz) on our side is the high value and contains much wisdom," (Surat Az-Zukruf : 4).

Indeed, if we browse the many traditions that inform the virtue for which read the Qur'an, this information may not be much we / Muslims who knew, so to read the Qur'an are still reluctant, preferring to read newspapers, magazines, and scientific works, while to read the Quran, many of us do not have time to read the Koran. Even if we read the Qur'an may be once a week, sometimes we read the Qur'an only if someone just died. Al-Quran is often the shelf in the living room window, put the Koran on top of cabinets that are not protected so it looks dirty, dull and dusty. Whereas the Quran is not just for display but for the read, studied and action.

Therefore, it is important we know the benefits and the primacy of reading the Quran, why do we need to know the virtues and benefits of what would we do? This question is fair we mentioned, because by knowing the benefits and virtues of what we will do, will make us eager to do so, we also feel loss if you do not do it, or leave the job. In the concept of Quantum Learning stated that if we want to do anything necessary to formulate objectives, one objective is to seek the benefits of what we will do, so if we want to do something, while something that does not give benefits will arise reluctance and laziness.

Similarly, if we do not know the benefits of reading the Quran we will be lazy to read the Qur'an, for it knows the virtue reading the Koran to be important so that we become eager to do so and continue to read, and more important is to make Al- Quran as the primary reading in our daily life, in short, no day without reading the Quran, if so far we've gone days without
accustom sport, of course, we can also apply the motto no day without reading the Quran.

The virtue of reading the Quran can be found in the hadith of the Prophet, among them the will power of intercession on the Day of Judgement, "Read the Koran. Because he was on the Day of Judgement will come to intercede for his readers," (Narrated by Muslim ). In another hadith it is said that the best people are those who learn the Quran and teach it, "The best among you are studying the Quran and teach it," (Narrated by Bukhari). Al-Quran Reading is one of the most important worship, "The most important of my ummah worship is reading the Qur'an," (Narrated by al-Bayhaqi).

When we read newspapers or magazines we will only get information, but we will never get the reward one letter from reading the Koran, as opposed to reading the Koran, read the Quran in addition to getting information about the revelation of God and the commandments of God, we too will get rewarded from reading it, we'll get a great reward each letter, "Whoever reads one letter from the Book Al-Quran, then he is a reward of good deeds, and reward a virtue dilipatkan ten times. I do not say that Alif-in-meem is a letter, but Alif is one letter, inside is a letter and meem is also one letter, (Narrated by Tirmidhi).

Amazingly, people who love to read Al-Quran will always be with the angels, while still stammered membacanmya will get two rewards, "People who read the Quran and his aptitude (memorized) in reading, he will be with the angels who became messenger, the noble purity. While the people who read the Quran but he stammered difficulties, and difficulty in reading, he will get two rewards, "(Narrated by Bukhari).

In fact, reading the Quran will bring peace and mercy. Today many people find tranquility with the outposts on vacation in the area, a quiet place, places of recreation and entertainment, there are also people who feel peaceful when obedient to his superiors, and lick your boss to get a blessing in the form of position, whereas if we know by reading the Quran we will gain a lot of peace and mercy of God, God will send angels to guard us, in addition to that, we became popular among the angels "No people gather in one house of God for reading and studying the Qur'an, unless they will gain tranquility, filled with grace, surrounded by angels, and they are mentioned by Allah among the angels. "(Narrated by Muslim).

Ironically, many people want a gift and an award from the government and the leaders of this nation, but few expect the greatest gift from God, when God promises the best gift to readers of the Qur'an, "He who is always reading the Qur'an and dhikr to me so he did not get to ask anything to me, then he will give the best gift, given to people who beg to Me, "(Narrated by Timidzi). For that we need to think back to pursue grace and respect your boss, or the government, because it will only make us miserable, find the best gift, the highest award that is from God through love reading the Quran. If we want to be rich then hafallah Al-Quran, "the richest person is the person who memorized the Koran." (Narrated by Ibn Asakir).

Many people feel fear when approaching old age / elderly, they are afraid of dementia, frightened like a child, scared to unnecessary because basically all we're going old. But the problem of senility that not all parents have, this will lead to the question why? The secret is a lot of reading the Quran, "The Anas, the Prophet said," Al-Quran Readers will not senile, "(Narrated by Ibn Asakir). Even God promises health sense to readers of Al-Quran," Goods who memorized the Quran, then he will be given reasonable health by God until he died, "(Narrated by Ibn Asakir). Allahu knows best


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