19 Children from 1 Wife Not Attending School

Padang ekspres.net-A father in West Lampung named Asri M (45) has 19 children from one wife, Marsiah. He also complained of not able to afford their children to formal education.
Of the 19 people of my child, none of that school because of lack of school fees as well as the remote location.
- M Asri, a resident of West Lampung

"Of the 19 people of my child, none of that school because of lack of school fees and the location of the remote," Asri said in pekon (Village) Puralaksana, District Tenong Way, West Lampung, about 330 kilometers from Bandar Lampung, on Thursday (23 / 9 / 2010).

He explained that, as a laborer, his income was minimal, which is Rp 25,000 per day, and to eat everyday just not sufficient.

"In addition to economic problems, the schools to my home very much, it took two hours drive. Poor road condition makes me do not allow my child to school," he said.

He said the economic situation forced him to not send their children. "Actually I do not have the heart to do this, but what can we do. Some wanted to adopt my son, but was not allowed," he said.

Claim Asri married at very young ages, namely 15 years, and his wife of 14 years. Now, each aged 45 years and 43 years.

Their living conditions are very poor. Her house measuring 3 meters x 2.5 meters and dirt floors that have occupied 23 members of the family, even slept in one room of about 12 children.

Age of the couple's first child was about 19 years old and the youngest, aged four months. Their first child widows and has two children are as young as 4 years and 2 years.


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