4 Police suspect shooter Civil

Central Sulawesi Regional Police set out four to suspect cases of police shootings that killed seven civilians in Buol district.

"It's four members are named as a suspect police shootings of civilians in Buol," said Police Public Relations Head of Central Sulawesi, Kompol Kahar Muzakkir in Buol, Thursday (02/09/2010).

The four suspects were Iptu JP, Iptu MB, Am and Ja. "Police suspect that all members of Buol," he said. Currently, they are in the Central Sulawesi Police Propam examination. "Reportedly, this time they are temporarily in the BAP in the police," he said.

Megatakan Kahar, the four suspects were taken to the Central Sulawesi Police by deputy party Komjen Manggabrani Joseph Pol. "They were immediately taken using plane deputy," he said.

The party deputy who took the suspects were shooting civilians Buol Pogogul depart from the airport to fly to Palu Mutiara airport at around 17:00 pm.

Until around 20:00 pm tonight, the situation took place conducive Buol still no mass concentration, as happened yesterday.

Meanwhile, patients with minor injuries in the riot victims of shootings Buol had some people who got better. "Those who otherwise improved already allowed to go home," said a nurse at the hospital Buol.


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